We believe in the power the Archangels have to awaken our intuitive mind and third eye.


We are a twin flame couple, Kimberly & Jer who received higher guidance from Archangel Michael after Divinely meeting with a vision of constructing the Archangel Chakra Crystal Lights to assist humanity’s awakening.

I’m also the author of 365 Days of Archangel Messages available on Amazon.  Since 2013 my client’s have received healing, blessings, and awakening through the Archangel Crystal Lights at ArchangelsBless.com.

Being a sensitive and empath since birth, I used to feel incredibly bogged down from absorbing the world’s stress and other people’s energy. I knew I needed a more in-depth way to cleanse my chakras so that I could hear my Angels & Guides without other people’s energy or my logical mind getting in the way.

With Jer and I’s combined background in electronics and channeling the Angelic realms (both in trance and consciously) we were given precise instructions on exactly how to build the Archangel Chakra Crystal Lights.

Which included a DIVINELY BLESSED Vogel and double-terminated quartz crystals with an ARCHANGEL MICHAEL BLESSED ethereal flashing LED light source that was housed securely inside a beautiful metal container.

The Archangel Chakra Crystal Lights were born in 2016, with each one being handcrafted and Divinely blessed in Oregon.

Originally they were sold to my clients worldwide who reported back innumerable blessings and the ability to receive higher guidance from their Angels & Guides more easily. You can read the testimonials here.

With higher intuitive guidance from the Angels & the Archangels we were shown the Archangel Chakra Crystal Lights would be beneficial for Lightworkers seeking a more effective way to do the following:

  • Hear your Angels & Guides Better
  • Get better guidance on what to do next
  • Stop doubting yourself
  • Know what decisions are best for you to make
  • Figure out what your life purpose is
  • Feel more peace and calm
  • Cleanse & bless your jewelry and gemstones


Now the Archangel Chakra Crystal Lights and distributed through resellers and wholesale outlets across the globe.